About Us

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Motoritz is a high end retail stores concept incorporated on 23 January 2010, which has been rapidly growth since. The company sells its selected products Indonesia through its innovative retail stores. In addition, the company offers selected best brand products and services include automotive safety protections, riding gears and fashion apparels, and various with other accessories and peripherals, through its retail stores. And as today, the store has right to sells its selected high end automotive products in Indonesia namely:


The Company sells to consumer and all-sized business with full service commitment for long-term relationship with current and future clients. In its tradition automotive market, Motoritz continues to maintain its position as a leading high end retail stores in Indonesia, strengthening its range of high quality automotive products, riding gears and safety protection. Hence, it continues to maintain its positions as a one of the leading retailer in Indonesia.



We aim to provide rapid and excellent, around-the-clock customer service and value, and to deliver the highest quality product supplies of riding wears and products unmatched anywhere in Indonesia and Asia.
We believe through our unique professional services we are able to contribute a valuable product excellence and create a value in automotive sector.



Through a total response of speed, adaptability and professionalism, our aim is to emerge as market leader within the realms of providing valuable best brand in automotive products supply. We strive to accomplish entire customer satisfaction by offering a pro-active reaction to customer feedback. Coupled by state-of-the-art facilities and world-class practices, we envisage that we will be placed among top in product quality and brand value in our product.